Adapting your home to stay independent

September 20 2021

For most people, independence goes hand-in-hand with the ability to stay living in your own home.

As we grow older, the amount of time we spend at home can change, as can how we use it. To allow this to happen comfortably, some improvements or adaptations may be necessary.

Lendology and Somerset Independence Plus work in partnership with your local council to help make this happen. We can support you when it comes to financing these essential home adaptations and Somerset Independence Plus are on hand to support you with your project.

Quite often, you’ll find yourself at a stage in life where your money is tied up in your house when you need it the most. We offer an alternative to equity release, by lending funds from your local council with flexible repayment plans with little or no monthly commitment. They ensure that everyone receives the right solution for their individual circumstances. You’ll have a dedicated adviser with a specialty in lending to people with pensions as their sole income, who will work with you to find an affordable way for you to stay comfortably in your home.

Do you need help moving around your home, have limited mobility or looking for a home equipment to keep you safe? Somerset Independence Plus are able to provide advice and support on all of these matters, as well as providing practical light-touch solutions such as small aids and equipment and minor works such as rails and ramping.

Would you benefit from a Home Safety assessment? Somerset Independence Plus have a dedicated team of trusted assessors who can provide a free home safety assessment to provide you with advice on keeping you warm, safe, secure, and independent by identifying and recommending low level repairs, adaptations, welfare benefits and advice on removing trip hazards or signpost you to other services.

Are you in need of disabled facilities to support your independence? It’s always good to know your options and the changes you can make to be safer and more independent in your home. Finding a trusted contractor, managing home repairs, or installing disabled facility adaptions can be overwhelming. The Somerset Independence Plus team are here to help you!

Have you considered a stair lift? Installing a stair lift can daunting with so many models available to choose from. However, they are often a practical and cost-effective option to help you get up and down stairs inside and/or out of your home that can allow you to regain your independence and assist you with future needs. We can help you find the stairlift best for you.

Have you ever had a fall, feel unwell and need reassurance with remaining safe in the comforts of your own home? You may want to consider your need for Telecare Equipment such as alarms or assistive living technology! Essentially, it’s a piece of equipment which at the touch of a button, can help you, your career, or friend/ family member to raise the alarm to get help.

For more information on services available for Somerset residents contact Somerset Independence Plus today on 0300 303 7794.

If you have any enquiries regarding your eligibility for financial assistance, contact Lendology for an informal chat on 01823 461099.

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