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October 26 2022

 Benefits that we calculate 

Over 8 million UK households are missing £16 billion in benefits. We work in partnership with Inbest to help ensure that you receive all the benefits that you’re entitled to. 

The Benefits Calculator will help you to understand your entitlements to Universal Credit, Pension Credit, Child Benefit, Council Tax Reduction and Help to save. 

Check out the grants, benefits, and social tariffs that can be calculated using our Benefits Calculator. 

In this article, we will talk about the different types of benefits and how they are calculated. 

Means-tested benefits 

Mean-tested benefits are benefits that low-income households may be eligible for, such as: 

  • Universal credits; 
  • Pension credit; 
  • Housing benefits; 
  • Council tax reduction and Rates relief; 
  • Child tax credit; 
  • Income-based JSA and Income-based ESA; 
  • Income support and Working tax credit. 

Contribution benefits 

Contribution benefits are provided to people who have paid enough national insurance premiums over a certain period of time, such as:  

  • Job seekers allowance (JSA); and 
  • Employment support allowance (ESA). 

Non-contribution benefits 

Non-contribution benefits are granted to persons regardless of their income and capital, but meeting certain criteria and under certain circumstances. As a rule, this benefit is issued to persons with disabilities, or carers of persons with disabilities.   

  • Child benefits; 
  • Council tax discount; 
  • Disability living allowance and Personal independence payment; 
  • Scottish child disability payment and Adult disability payment; 
  • Attendance allowance; and 
  • Carers allowance. 

Passported benefits 

Passported benefits are benefits or grants that some people are entitled to because of their entitlement to means-tested benefits. Passported benefits are a powerful tool to provide extra support to groups that are especially vulnerable such as low-income families with children or older adults. 

Passported benefits include:  

  • Free School meals and School clothing costs; 
  • Sure Start Grants; 
  • Support for mortgage interest loan; 
  • Discretionary housing payment; 
  • Help to save; 
  • Funeral support payment. 

Benefits for energy bills and social tariffs 

Benefits for energy bills are government-regulated grants that help vulnerable households to pay for their energy bills.  Social tariffs are cheaper or capped schemes offered by water, broadband and phone providers. 

  • Warm home discount and Winter fuel payment; 
  • Child Winter Heating Assistance; 
  • Water social tariff; 
  • Broadband social tariff; and 
  • Mobile social tariff. 

For homeowners not eligible for a grant, or who need to ‘top-up’ grant funding, a home improvement loan to improve the energy efficiency of your home or install renewable energy technology may be a good solution. 

At Lendology, we have a holistic approach to lending and believe that people should not be excluded because of their credit history. We welcome applications from all homeowners including those who may be perceived as having a ‘bad credit history’. 

By lending responsibly, we consider everyone individually and consider your financial situation and unique circumstances during our assessment. Our lending decisions are made by people for people so that we can offer bespoke repayment plans tailored to each of our clients.  Everyone receives the same fixed interest rate, regardless of your circumstances or how much you borrow. 

The Benefits Calculator will help you to understand if you can maximise your household income.   

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