Boosting Energy Efficiency: The Home Upgrade Grant Scheme in Devon

June 20 2023

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Energy Efficiency Scheme in Devon, designed to uplift the living standards and reduce energy expenses for low-income households. This groundbreaking initiative, spearheaded by Devon County Council in collaboration with local Community Energy Groups, aims to make a significant impact on carbon emissions and alleviate fuel poverty. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of the scheme, including the eligibility for landlords and a financing solution that can support their participation. 

Energy Efficiency Upgrades for Low-Income Households: 

The cornerstone of this transformative program is the Home Upgrade Grant scheme, offering cost-free energy efficiency improvements to homeowners across Devon and Torbay who are not connected to the gas grid. Households relying on alternative heating sources like oil, LPG, coal, solid fuels, or electricity can now apply for assistance to make their homes more sustainable and affordable. 

Eligible homeowners will receive a comprehensive whole house energy improvement plan, enabling immediate upgrades while providing guidance for future self-funded measures. The scheme’s long-term vision is to empower homeowners to enhance their properties’ energy efficiency, fostering a greener and more economically viable future. 

Eligibility and Application Process: 

To participate in the scheme, homeowners must meet specific criteria. Eligible properties include those with Energy Performance Certificates rated D, E, F, or G, alongside low-income households residing in poorly performing homes. Meeting the low-income threshold can be accomplished through residency in an eligible postcode area or by having a total household income of £31,000 or less before tax. 

In some cases, a grant may only cover part of the works.  Homeowners can apply for an Energy Efficiency Loan to cover any shortfall in grant funding.  Lendology work closely with Community Energy England and local energy advice agencies.  We want to make sure everyone has access to the correct grant funding in the first instance, whilst understanding how to apply for a home improvement loan to cover any funding shortfall. 

Landlords’ Eligibility and Financing Solution: 

Landlords, too, have the opportunity to participate in the Home Upgrade Grant scheme, although they are required to contribute one-third of the total costs of the energy efficiency improvements. This financial commitment may pose a challenge for some landlords. However, there is a solution available. 

Lendology, a social enterprise lender, offers flexible and affordable landlord loans specifically designed to cover the required contribution for energy efficiency upgrades. These landlord loans provide landlords with a convenient financing option, ensuring a hassle-free process and enabling them to participate in the scheme without significant upfront costs. 

By leveraging Lendology’s landlord loans, property owners can enhance the sustainability and attractiveness of their rental properties while benefiting from the support and convenience offered by these financing options. This enables landlords to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, comply with evolving energy efficiency regulations, and make their properties more appealing to tenants. 

Apply today: 

The Energy Efficiency Scheme in Devon marks a significant milestone in the journey towards achieving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions, and addressing fuel poverty. Devon County Council’s collaborative efforts with local Community Energy Groups and the support of Lendology emphasize a shared commitment to creating healthier, more affordable, and environmentally friendly homes for low-income households. We urge eligible homeowners and landlords to seize this exceptional opportunity by exploring their eligibility, applying for the scheme, and discovering the benefits of Lendology’s flexible landlord loans. Together, we can make a tangible difference in building a sustainable and inclusive community in Devon. 

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