Bulk buy your home heating fuel with a 0% loan

November 4 2019

Now that the colder weather has arrived, heating systems across the country are being turned on and cranked up, and most of us will expect higher heating bills during the winter months. However, if your home is off-grid and you rely on oil, LPG, Calor Gas, wood or coal for home heating, you may not have the luxury of paying for your home heating monthly or quarterly. Instead, you may need to find a lump-sum to pay in advance for your bulk purchase, which can be hard or unexpected during really cold winters.

Our Bulk Buy Fuel Loan Scheme provides between £100 up to £500 over 6 months with a 0% fixed interest rate (Representative 0% APR) to eligible applicants. This allows you to spread the cost of bulk buying across 6 months, at no extra cost to you!

To be eligible, you must have an annual household income of less than £35,000 and rely on oil, LPG, Calor Gas, wood or coal to heat your home. This scheme is only currently available to people living in Somerset, North Somerset, West Devon or South Hams.  You are required to apply before making your purchase to ensure funds are in place to be paid directly to the provider where possible.

For more information, visit https://www.lendology.org.uk/what-we-do/bulk-buy-fuel-loans/.

To apply for a loan, contact us by calling 01823 461099, or complete our online form. We will provide you with an application pack for you to complete and return along with evidence of your fuel costs.

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