Council scheme for homeowners for essential home repairs

August 1 2018

Did you know that your local council funds a scheme to enable eligible homeowners to borrow money for home repairs, improvements or adaptations?

A variety of works can be considered under the scheme such as roof and thatch repairs, boiler and other heating system replacements or installation, replacing rotten or draughty windows, structural repairs, electrical or plumbing work, and updating kitchens and bathrooms to name a few.  You are able to choose your own contractor and there are a variety of loan products available to suit individual needs and means.

The scheme is delivered by Lendology CIC, a local community lending working in close partnership with your council.  There is a free, no-obligation home visiting service to enable you to find out more.

The partnership has been running for over ten years across Somerset and has helped a huge variety of homeowners.  A recent client said, “For all my adult life I have not had central heating and, now I’m getting a bit older, it would be nice to feel warm in the winter.”

Through providing loans, the council are ensuring that funds for homeowners are sustainable meaning that every repayment goes back into the council pot to lend to homeowners into the future.  A loan funded by the council could help spread the cost of home repairs but let you enjoy the benefit right away.

Working with you to keep you warm, safe and dry in your home.

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