Creating Good Home Hubs: Transforming Homes for Safer and Healthier Living

July 21 2023

Lendology is dedicated to making homes safer and more energy-efficient. We are excited to share an article from the Centre for Ageing Better that explores the concept of Good Home Hubs. These hubs provide comprehensive support for improving homes and creating age-friendly environments. In this blog post, we will highlight the key elements of Good Home Hubs and their importance in promoting safe and healthy living. 

The Need for Good Home Hubs 

Unsafe and inadequate housing poses health risks and strains healthcare systems. Many people are unable to make home improvements due to various challenges. Good Home Hubs address these barriers by offering one-stop-shop services for individuals seeking to improve their homes. 

Defining Good Home Hubs 

Good Home Hubs are collaborative initiatives involving local authorities, charities, and businesses. They provide impartial information, advice, and practical support throughout the home improvement process. These hubs serve residents of all tenures and prioritize accessibility regardless of an individual’s ability to pay. 

Key Elements of Good Home Hubs 

  1. Independent information and advice: Good Home Hubs offer reliable guidance on energy efficiency, financing options, and available services. They provide individual casework for ongoing support. 
  1. Independent home assessment: Impartial assessments help identify and prioritize necessary improvements, conducted by professionals such as occupational therapists. 
  1. Practical support: Good Home Hubs offer practical assistance, including help with moving furniture, dealing with utilities, and finding alternative housing options. 
  1. Targeted financial support: Hubs provide grants, loans, and financial products tailored to residents’ needs, collaborating with local credit unions and responsible finance providers. 
  1. Signposting to trusted tradespeople: Good Home Hubs assist in finding reputable tradespeople and may offer handyperson services for smaller repairs. 

Scoping and Resourcing Good Home Hubs 

Creating a Good Home Hub involves mapping existing services, understanding residents’ needs, developing solutions, and establishing an operating model. The estimated annual expenditure for a comprehensive service is around £1.6 million. 

Monitoring Impact and Future Steps 

Monitoring impact is crucial, including tracking the number of users, successful referrals, and improvements in residents’ well-being. The Centre for Ageing Better is piloting Good Home Hub elements, commissioning evaluations, and producing case studies. They aim to bring local authorities together through the Good Home Network to promote innovation in home improvement services. 

Good Home Hubs transform homes into safer, energy-efficient, and age-friendly environments. By providing comprehensive support, these hubs overcome barriers to home improvement. Lendology supports the mission of Good Home Hubs and encourages you to explore the full article from the Centre for Ageing Better to learn more about this transformative approach. Together, we can create homes that promote well-being and enable people to age better. 

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