Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue issuing advice on staying warm and safe

February 21 2023

This winter, the UK experienced lower than average temperatures, meaning more homes with higher heating needs.  The cost-of-living crisis has also seen a rise in ‘space-heating’ solutions in a bid for reducing heating costs. 

However, staying safe AND warm is a priority, and Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue have put together information on how to be fire safe when using portable heaters-

How can I stay safe when using portable heaters?

You should always:

  • use your heater on a flat surface
  • give it some space – keep it at least one metre away from anything flammable
  • buy heaters brand new from a trustworthy retailer, and if possible, buy one with a trip switch (this means it will switch off if knocked over)
  • register the heater when you purchase it, so you’ll be made aware of any product recalls or safety information that might get released down the line.

You should never:

  • use any heaters that are faulty, or have broken or damaged wiring
  • use your heater to dry your washing
  • cover your heater (like we said, it needs some space).

How can I stay safe with a log-burner/woodburner?

Getting your chimney swept (by a professional chimney sweep) is the most important thing to do before you start using your fire. Dirty chimneys can lead to chimney fires, which will cost you a lot more money than the cost of a sweep.

Using items which need power or charging

Be wary of electrical/chargeable ways of heating yourself, such as heated throws, jackets and gloves, that use electricity to build heat. Anything that heats up needs a lot of electricity and could be a fire risk.

For more advice on how to stay warm this winter safely please visit-Home Safety Visit – Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service – YouTube or visit- Homepage | Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service (

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