Dorset Council and Lendology Win the Innovation Award at EHN Conference 2023 

May 30 2023

Dorset Council and Lendology are delighted to announce their win in the prestigious Empty Homes Network Awards 2023. The partnership has been recognized with The Innovation Award for their outstanding contribution to tackling the challenges of long-term empty homes. 

The award highlights Dorset Council and Lendology’s innovative approach and successful transformation of 25 West Street in Blandford Forum. Through collaboration, funding, and strategic planning, they have brought this empty property back into use, providing affordable housing and contributing to the revitalization of the community. 

Emma Lower, CEO of Lendology, said, “Empty homes are a valuable resource being put to waste at a time when housing is so important. We understand the challenges people face in financing and renovating empty homes, and a lot of homeowners are unaware of the lending scheme funded by Dorset Council.  Our unique approach to lending allows us to solve a range of finance issues in local communities and we love turning empty houses into loved homes.” 

The transformation of 25 West Street, a long-term empty home of more than 20 years, showcases the power of innovative solutions in addressing the pressing issue of empty properties. Despite various challenges, including the property’s Grade II listed status, Dorset Council and Lendology’s dedication and commitment have resulted in a remarkable success story. 

Graham Carr Jones, Lead Member for Housing at Dorset Council, said, “The main beneficiaries are of course the people that can now call the property home where they can be settled and thrive. We overcame a range of obstacles to make this happen in partnership with Lendology and our shared vision of bringing this property back to life no matter what was key to a successful outcome.“  

The recognition at the Empty Homes Network Awards 2023 reaffirms the importance of partnerships and innovative thinking in creating sustainable communities. Dorset Council and Lendology are proud to have been acknowledged for their efforts and are committed to continuing their work in addressing empty homes and providing affordable housing solutions. 

Download the Press Release here

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