Empowering Sustainable Home Upgrades: Insights from the Nesta Report 

May 19 2023

With our recent Report revealing that UK homes are responsible for 21% of the country’s carbon emissions, it is crucial to take action and support homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint. Recognizing this need, the Development Bank of Wales collaborated with Nesta, an innovation agency for social good, to commission a report that explores the drivers and barriers for homeowners when it comes to making green home upgrades. This report highlights the urgency for accessible financing options and introduces Lendology as a key player in driving sustainable solutions. 

The Nesta report brings to light both positive factors and barriers associated with homeowners’ green home upgrades. It emphasizes the potential for significant environmental impact through these upgrades, but also sheds light on the challenges homeowners face in accessing affordable financing for such projects.  Read the full report here for the full findings. 

Lendology has been at the forefront of providing accessible finance to eligible homeowners since 2005, working closely with local councils. Our focus is on enabling home repairs, adaptations, and renewable energy measures. What sets us apart from mainstream lenders is our commitment to personal lending decisions, bypassing algorithms and credit scores. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to a safe, warm, and suitable home that meets their individual needs. At Lendology, we actively engage with communities to reduce fuel poverty and establish the vital connection between health and homes. 

If your local council is dedicated to driving sustainable retrofit initiatives and supporting homeowners in making energy home upgrades, Lendology is here to partner with you. Our tailored financing solutions align with your strategic housing policy, ensuring that eligible homeowners in your community can access funding. 

By joining forces with Lendology, you can empower homeowners to enhance the energy efficiency and sustainability of their homes, making a positive impact on the environment and the community at large. 

To explore partnership opportunities and learn more about how Lendology can support your local council’s retrofit aims, please contact us. Together, we can make a significant difference in reducing carbon emissions, improving living conditions, and creating a sustainable future. 

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