Energy Efficiency Loans to help reduce your home energy bills and carbon footprint

November 24 2021

With the current climate emergency, you may be wondering what you can do to support a reduction
in carbon emissions. The rising costs of energy also means that many of us are wondering how to
cut household bills.

Our homes struggle to retain heat because of their age and poor energy efficiency, as well as how we heat them. Whether you are looking to invest in renewable technologies such as solar or heat pumps, or install energy-saving measures for your home, you may be eligible for an energy efficiency loan to support you with funding the upfront cost.

We work in partnership with councils across the South West to provide loans to homeowners for home repairs, improvements, energy efficiency measures, and renewable heat technologies.

To find free and impartial energy advice and support in your local area, please visit your local council page on our website.

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To apply for a loan, you can use our online application form or call 01823 461099

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