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Celebrating one year at Lendology

Workplace Wellness

The Positive People Project

If you’re a Social Enterprise, why are you charging 4% interest?

My roof is leaking, how can I fund repairs?

What do we know so far about the Green Homes Grant?

What does ‘fixed interest’ mean? 

Shining a light on Somerset Independence Plus

Why the Armed Forces Covenant is so important to us

Social enterprise lends £1.6 million this year to improve homes

Frome’s Solar Streets Project and Energy Efficiency Loans

Somerset Day 2020

Ahead of the industry

An interview with Loans Adviser, Andy Meldrum

What have the team been getting up to?

What are the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards and how will they impact me as a landlord?

Supporting you through financial uncertainty

Changing and challenging times

Do energy saving measures in my home attract a lower VAT rate?

Our arrears process is designed with you in mind

Finding Contractors: Charlotte’s Story

The gift of warmth and winter cheer in Somerset

Bulk buy your home heating fuel with a 0% loan

Increase in Council Tax premium for empty properties

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