Somerset Council Streamlines Services: New Name, Single Contact Point!

March 24 2023

We have some exciting news to share with you all – our partner, Somerset Council, is undergoing significant changes that will have a positive impact on the county and its residents.

From 1 April 2023, Somerset Council will assume responsibility for all council services in the county, including Housing, Social Care, Planning, Highways, Education, Public Health, Libraries, Recycling, and more. This move will streamline services, making it easier for people to access the help they need and freeing up millions of pounds for use by frontline services.

As part of this change, Somerset Council will also have a new name, reflecting its new status as the single point of contact for all council services in the county. From April 2023, a single phone number  0300 123 2224 and website will be in place, making things simpler for residents, communities, and businesses. This will help to end confusion and avoid duplication, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for everyone involved.

The renaming of Somerset Council is just one of many changes taking place in the county as the council works towards its vision of building a fairer, greener, flourishing, and resilient community. The move to a single council contact point will give the council the scale to make a bigger impact on the issues that most affect people’s lives, with an estimated £18.5 million of revenue freed up every year to invest in local communities, prevention, and service improvements.

The new Somerset Council will also provide a stronger voice for the county, better able to compete for funding and new jobs, support infrastructure, and encourage growth in the local economy. Local people will have real power to influence decisions about their area, with 18 Local Community Networks (LCNs) being set up across the county. They’ll decide what’s most important for their locality and work together to agree how best to achieve it.

We are excited about these changes and the opportunities they present for the people of Somerset. As a partner of Somerset Council, Lendology look forward to continuing our support of the community and working together to build a better future for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates as we move towards the launch of the new Somerset Council on 1 April 2023!

Somerset Council

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