Support for homeowners to improve energy efficiency from Bristol City Council

December 13 2021

This winter, many of us are feeling the hike in energy prices, meaning it’s now much more expensive to heat our homes, especially now the colder weather is with us.

Making essential home improvements such as adding insulation, installing double or triple glazing, or upgrading your heating system can help you to save energy at home and reduce your energy bills.

The End Fuel Poverty Coalition estimate that the increasing cost of energy will result in an additional 488,000 households classed as being in fuel poverty. 

Knowing where to begin when it comes to improving the energy efficiency of your home can be confusing, challenging, and costly.  For home energy advice, the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) is a Bristol based charity supporting people and organisations across the UK to tackle the climate emergency and end the suffering caused by cold homes.  Find out more about the services provided here or call 0117 934 1400.

Bristol City Council’s Energy Service Bristol has comprehensive advice on energy saving measures, as well as details on applying for grant funding and a 0% home energy loan.  For more information, visit or call 0117 352 1180.

The council’s loan scheme is delivered by Lendology CIC, a Social Enterprise Lender, who have worked in partnership with Bristol City Council since 2005. Lending council funds ensures a recycling pot of capital, and Lendology support a wide range of of homeowners from those who are employed, on a low-income, self-employed, in receipt of benefits or retired.

To apply for a Loan, use our online application form or call us on 01823 461099. 

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