What does ‘fixed interest’ mean? 

July 29 2020

We keep an eye on other lenders and are proud to be offering the same fixed interest rate of 4% to all of our applicants.

This means that the interest rate will not go up, or down, during the term of your loan.

However, you may find that your circumstances improve or interest rates elsewhere improve, and refinancing our loan means you will save money overall.  As we have no early repayment charges or penalties, you are free to repay your loan at any stage during the term.  Simply contact us for a settlement figure and we can give you details of how to settle your loan balance.

As a Social Enterprise, we are not driven by profit. Borrowing through us means we can continue to recycle local council funds across the South West, creating a recyclable pot of funding to help homeowners with home repairs and improvements into the future.

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