Who are Warm & Well?

June 2 2021

Warm & Well is a project run by Severn Wye Energy Agency offering energy advice and grant funding to households across Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire.

They have a network of installers who can access grants, whilst also having their own pot of funding too. Although these are means-tested, they are also able to help people with lower incomes.

How do they help clients?

Warm & Well have a free-phone advice line where they can advise clients on a multitude of topics, from simple changes you can make to save energy, grants for insulation or heating, switching energy supplier, to information on renewable technologies.

For more vulnerable clients, free home visits by a fully qualified energy advisor are available. Often, they will be able to help make changes that help save money immediately, such as setting heating controls, installing energy-efficient LED lightbulbs, or identifying where the home may be leaking heat.

How does their work fit in with Lendology?

Grants don’t always cover the full cost of the installation of energy improvement measures and the client can be left with an amount to self-fund. Lendology offers a loan ‘top-up’ which allows the client to still take advantage of the grant funding, whilst being able to spread the rest of the cost of installation.

We spoke to Phil, a Domestic Energy Assessor to gain a bit more personal insight into life at Warm & Well:

What inspires you in your role?

“I just enjoy helping people where I can. A lot of our clients are in a pretty tricky situation both financially and personally so to help them is a big inspiration. Our organisation also has good values and it’s not just about making money from your customers and clients, so I feel it’s a great place to work.

What has been your favourite client interaction?

“There was a lady that we provided funding for a few years back to help her install a grant-funded central heating system into her property. A number of different times throughout her application process she would randomly turn up to our offices with homemade cake and wine.”

For an informal chat about our loan scheme and eligibility, call us today on 01823 461099, email loans@lendology.org.uk or visit Energy Efficiency Loans to find out more about our energy loans funded by your local council.

For more information on the services provided by Warm & Well, call 0800 500 3076 or visit www.warmandwell.co.uk 

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