We believe that every homeowner should be able to live in a home where they can feel safe, warm, and secure and for many, access to affordable lending is key to making that happen.

Since 2005, we have been lending on behalf of our council partners and are one of a few Social Enterprise Lenders that operates in this way.

Lending for us means engaging our hearts and our minds.

We do not rely on credit ratings, or computer algorithms to inform our lending decisions, we use our 17 years lending experience, taking the time to fully understand our customers/clients’ situations.

Over the years we have created a range of loan types to meet the needs of an incredible array of customers, young and not so young, some employed some not, supporting homeowners, empty property owners and landlords, improve their properties. We aim to make the loan application process easy and work closely with our clients and customers to help support them to make the changes they need.

Regulated by the FCA we must meet the same governance standards as all major UK financial institutions, but unlike the majority we are not driven by making a profit from every client.

We currently manage over £10 million on behalf of local councils and have made a positive difference to over 1,500 households. We look beyond the figures, it’s the impact on our clients that matters.

Our Vision

To ensure all homeowners have access to affordable finance.

Our Mission

Driven by purpose not profits, our responsible lending delivers a positive impact to homeowners, through understanding the unique situation of every household.

Our Values

Not just words, they are reflected in everything we do, regardless of whether you are a client/customer, partner or colleague.

Making a Difference

Making a positive difference to the lives of our clients is at the heart of what we do.


We help each other, our clients and partners to thrive and succeed.


We are considerate of the needs, abilities and qualities of our colleagues, clients and partners.


We engender a positive attitude, full of energy and new ideas to continuously develop our services, products and relationships.


We are proud of our knowledge and expertise and the positive impact that brings to our clients and partners.

We work in partnership with councils

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