Loans approved by humans, not credit scores

As a Social Enterprise, we are driven to deliver social impact as opposed to profit. Unlike other lenders, we assess everyone based on their unique financial circumstances. Our expert advisers make our lending decisions, not computers or credit scores.

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Home Improvement Loans

If you are a homeowner looking to make essential home repairs, improvements or adaptations, our home improvement loan scheme may be the answer you have been looking for.

We provide finance to a wide range of homeowners, including those who may be excluded from mainstream finance providers. With no upper age limit for applicants, and the ability to consider applications from people with a poor credit history, who are self-employed, or who have state benefits as their main income, we really are here for all homeowners.

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Energy Efficiency Loans

Investing in your home now can reduce running costs in the future. Whether you are looking to improve the energy performance of your property, or reduce your carbon footprint, our energy loan scheme may be the answer you have been looking for.

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Landlord Loans

Whether you have one property or a large portfolio owned in your sole name or as a limited company, our deferred repayment loan scheme can support you to maintain your investment.

Our local council partners are keen to ensure a healthy private rental sector across their districts, and we are here to finance your repairs or minimum energy efficiency standard improvements.

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Empty Property Loans

It is likely that your empty property is costing you money, and securing finance can be challenging due to the condition of your property.

We lend on a wide variety of properties and renovation projects, without the usual constraints of mainstream lenders. Our deferred repayment loan options ensure you do not have to commence repayments on your loan until you have either sold, rented or moved into the property.

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Bulk Buy Fuel Loans

If you rely on oil, coal, LPG, or wood to heat your home, our 0% fixed interest loans (representative 0% APR) help you spread the cost of heating your home, at no extra cost.

We welcome applications from private and social tenants as well as homeowners for loans of up to £500 to bulk buy home heating.

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First Time Buyer Loans

Buying your first home is exciting, but costly. Some of our council partners fund a scheme to help you take your first step on the housing ladder.

If you have a mortgage offer in place and a deposit saved, but need an extra financial push to get you over the finish line, a first time buyer loan may be the answer.

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Established in 2003, we have lent over £16 million on behalf of our council partners.

Our sensible lending solutions take the needs of your repair, renovation or renewables project into account. Whether you’re looking to finance works to your home, invest in renewables, improve your private rental portfolio, or finance renovations to your empty home, our range of loan schemes are here to help.

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What makes our loans so attractive?

We welcome applications from all homeowners no matter your age, employment status or credit history. At Lendology, decisions are made by people, not credit scores. With fixed interest, no early repayment charges and the option to make overpayments at any time, our flexible loan scheme can be tailored to suit your individual circumstances. We really are here for all homeowners.

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  • Borrow from £500
  • No early repayment charges
  • Overpay £100 or more off your loan at any time
  • Range of loan types based on your circumstances
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Typical 4.2% APR

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