Our Impact in 2021/22

Lendology CIC is a social enterprise lender that works with homeowners to fund home repairs, improvements, adaptations, and energy efficiency measures. We currently manage over £10 million on behalf of local councils and have made a positive difference to over 1,500 households. We look beyond the figures, it’s the impact on our clients and for our partners that matters, and our Social Impact Report is created annually to evidence this.

Lendology is more than just a lender. By helping improve the homes and lives of our clients, these outcomes generate additional value that can be measured in pounds and pence. The standout data for us is that for every £1 invested by councils, £2.58 is generated in social impact.

“The Social Impact report that we produce each year goes some way towards highlighting the fundamental need for the service that we provide. Without the funds provided by each of our council partners, we would not be able to help these homeowners from across the region. The assumption that the inhabitants in the South-West are affluent and do not require assistance has to be changed. Each year the council enables us to support clients who have a variety of needs however we are still talking to some homeowners who have no central heating or hot running water in their homes. I am delighted that yet again we could make a positive difference last year, and whilst we had a record lending year, it is not the money that drives us to do more, but the impact that the loans we provide have. This report enables us to show the difference that a council loan has made to the family, the home, and the community as a whole”.

Emma Lower, Lendology CEO

We welcome your feedback on our Report and do contact us if you have any questions or would like to discuss a new partnership or investment.

Our Social Impact Report 2021/22

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